Most Downloaded Dlls of the Week

May 25, 2018

aswutil.dll aswutil.dll 17.9.3761.0

32bit Avast Utility library

bass.dll bass.dll

32bit BASS

ntdll.dll ntdll.dll 10.0.10586.306

64bit NT Layer DLL

2012plugin.dll 2012plugin.dll

32bit Norton Download Manager Plug-in for DING

7-zip.dll 7-zip.dll

64bit 7-Zip Shell Extension

acutil15.dll acutil15.dll

32bit acutil15.dll.dll

vcruntime140.dll vcruntime140.dll 14.0.23918.0

64bit MicrosoftŠ’® C Runtime Library

2g_dll_bfldongle.dll 2g_dll_bfldongle.dll

32bit bfldongledll DLL

2g_dll_bfluart.dll 2g_dll_bfluart.dll

32bit bfluartdll DLL

2g_dll_bflusb.dll 2g_dll_bflusb.dll

32bit bflusbldll DLL

2g_dll_slave.dll 2g_dll_slave.dll

32bit bfloaderapp MFC Application

34tvctrl.dll 34tvctrl.dll

32bit 34TvCtrl

3dfxvgl.dll 3dfxvgl.dll

32bit OpenGL 1.1 Client Driver