Most Downloaded Dlls of the Week

June 18, 2018

msvcp140_app.dll msvcp140_app.dll 14.11.25426.0

64bit MicrosoftŠ’® C Runtime Library

comdlg32.dll comdlg32.dll 10.0.10586.494

32bit Common Dialogs DLL

physx3common_x86.dll physx3common_x86.dll

32bit PhysX3Common 32bit Dynamic Link Library

vcruntime140_app.dll vcruntime140_app.dll 14.10.24605.0

64bit MicrosoftŠ’® C Runtime Library

aswutil.dll aswutil.dll 17.9.3761.0

32bit Avast Utility library

bass.dll bass.dll

32bit BASS

controllermanager.dll controllermanager.dll

64bit ControllerManager: Controller Management Layer for Test Tools