Most Downloaded Dlls of the Week

August 18, 2018

msvcp140_app.dll msvcp140_app.dll 14.11.25426.0

64bit MicrosoftŠ’® C Runtime Library

xaudio2_8.dll xaudio2_8.dll 6.2.9200.16384

32bit XAudio2 Game Audio API

icudt59.dll icudt59.dll

32bit ICU Data DLL

icuuc59.dll icuuc59.dll

32bit ICU Common DLL

easyanticheat_x86.dll easyanticheat_x86.dll

32bit EasyAntiCheat Client

vegas150k.dll vegas150k.dll

64bit VEGAS Pro

unityplayer.dll unityplayer.dll

64bit Unity playback engine.

wuaueng.dll wuaueng.dll 7.9.9600.17092

32bit Windows Update Agent

concrt140_app.dll concrt140_app.dll 14.11.25426.0

64bit MicrosoftŠ’® Concurrency Runtime Library